German Works Council - The Series

I created a small series of videos on German Works Councils and their relationship with Information Technology. On this page you can find the links and transcripts.

You can also have a look at my specific experiences with regards to German Works Councils.

Summary: My specific works council experience

Since March 2021, I have been deeply engaged in consulting work with a German works council, focusing on the intersection of IT system deployment and labor law compliance within a Munich-based pharmaceutical company specializing in rare diseases. My role has encompassed a wide range of responsibilities, all aimed at facilitating a harmonious and legal integration of IT systems in line with employee rights and protections as outlined by German labor laws, particularly Section 87 BetrVG.

My tasks have included conducting thorough surveys of the IT systems used by the company’s German employees. This involved analyzing the technology for its purposes, interfaces, and access rights, which is essential for fostering transparent and informed discussions with the works council. A significant portion of my duties has also involved providing process support to international IT project managers. This support covered guiding them through the approval process with the works council for new IT applications, ensuring compliance with relevant labor laws.

Additionally, I’ve been instrumental in the design and drafting of works agreements related to IT systems. These agreements serve as a legal foundation for the use of IT applications, balancing operational needs with the works council’s requirements for employee protection.

Responding to ad-hoc inquiries from the works council regarding the functions of business applications and interfaces has been another critical responsibility. This required a comprehensive understanding of both the technological aspects and the legal implications of their use.

Finally, a key part of my role has involved the creation and negotiation of data protection agreements. In an era where data privacy is of utmost importance, these agreements confirm that the company’s IT practices are not only compliant with laws but also adhere to best practices in data protection.

Throughout this experience, my work has not just been about implementing technology. It’s been about building a bridge between technological advancement and the preservation of transparent, ethical, and legally sound labor practices. This effort has aimed to cultivate a culture of cooperation, respect, and mutual understanding between the company and its works council.